Finnair has two traditional warehouses and one automated one in their hangars which are used by technical operations. Airline mechanics use the warehouses to sign out tools and material. Finnair had a target to streamline the tool handling process. The solution was found in software designed by QOCO Systems.

The new software significally improves the tool handling process.

– We wanted QOCO to find us a cost-effective way to automate the management of tool handling, says Joni Janatuinen. He works as a Project Engineer for Finnair.

– Our expectations were quite high because we knew of QOCO’s expertise in the aviation industry and information systems associated with it. They ended up meeting our expectations extremely well. QOCO delivered just what we ordered, he continues.

Faster handling with user-centered design

Thanks to, borrowing and returning the tools at the warehouses is now considerably faster.

– Our people can now easily find the right tools for the job. We can also see who has borrowed the tool in question and what it has been used for. This is especially important for safety reasons, Janatuinen tells.

– Then, on top of that, we can also report and process the tool defects there, he continues.

Services that are easy to recommend

Safety is the single most important factor in aviation. Safety is also in focus in the Finnair’s new tool handling solution – – which has gained them vast amounts of positive visibility among other airlines and the aviation industry in general.

– Finnair is now considered as a forerunner in this field of aviation. It’s a huge advantage for us, Janatuinen expresses his gratitude.

– I can absolutely recommend the services of QOCO systems to all aviation and MRO operators, as well as any engineering companies around the world, he concludes.

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