Enable secure, automated data streams between
the main collaborative players in the aviation industry.

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The four cornerstones of EngineData.io

Automated data transfer by integration to existing customer systems for bidirectional data flows
Data transformation to any required ingestible format for the receiving system
Data validation ensure that any data quality issues are flagged
Information security compliant with ISO 27001 to ensure complete data confidentiality

EngineData.io Use Cases

Bidirectional data streams between OEM operator systems

Maintaining digital models of high-value assets is at the core of most OEMs digitalization strategies. EngineData.io makes this possible by facilitating exchange of operational data from operator to the OEM, in turn enabling the OEM to offer added value services for the operator. Rolls-Royce is onboarding hundreds of airlines to EngineData.io for exchange of vital operational data and assert lifting information, enabling an up to 100% increase of on-wing time for its newest TRENT engines.

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Exchange of maintenance data between operators and MRO service providers

Outsourced maintenance poses challenges for ensuring data integrity between the operator and MRO service provider systems. EngineData.io makes it possible to keep the two systems in sync by managing the associated data flows throughout the maintenance lifecycle, from tendering to work reports and approval. Seamless integration to both the operator and MRO service providers M&E systems ensures that essential data, such as work packages, work completion records and defect reports, is instantly and reliably available for both parties.


APU Hours and Cycles Update Automation to M&E Systems

APUs and an increasing number of other aircraft life-limited parts accumulate cycles and hours independently from the aircraft, significantly improving utilization before component overhaul. However, managing these independent counters manually is laboursome and a common cause of data quality issues due to human error. EngineData.io taps into ACARS data source, provides daily automatic updates directly to the selected M&E systems or Apps of counter values, and monitors and validates data integrity.

Electronic Technical Logbook Integrations for Flight Ops and Maint Ops

Electronic Technical Logbooks have become the norm in the industry, but their full potential is not reached due to a lack of integration to other operative systems. EngineData.io enables reliable data exchange between the eTechLog and M&E system, allowing for Flight Ops and Maint Ops to use their own dedicated programs, but with shared data. QOCO is working together with  eTechLog providers to facilitate this data exchange between airline systems.

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