MRO performance
with high usability

Our vision is to create smarter solutions for MRO business. This encompasses paperless, mobile and well-integrated products and professional consulting services, leading to efficient processes and information flow in engineering and operations.

Smarter MRO offers consumer-grade usability for seamless working in the dynamic MRO environment. Smarter MRO minimizes the need for manual data processing and allows better analytics for improved operational efficiency.

Smarter MRO is powered by cloud-based software solutions, proven technologies and experienced industry professionals.


The future of cabin defect reporting

Create high-quality defect reports enriched with key classification information, photos and videos.

Harness the power of machine learning and voice recognition for fast, easy and accurate data input.

Promote better cabin health awareness to all stakeholders.


Boost to digital airline & MRO

Stop reinventing the wheel with integrations to M&E systems! enables rapid development of digital solutions, such as mobile apps, with its well-designed API and reliable backend systems communications.


End-to-end delivery of solutions to customer specific requirements

Digitalization consulting encompasses data & reporting services, POCs, custom software and integration solutions and more.

We offer our expertise in design and development to your digitalization project.

With our lean development methods you will get benefits fast without compromising quality.

DigiDM @ Finnair

Together with Finnair, the flag carrier of Finland, we designed and built an MRO digitalization solution for effective allocation of manpower in line maintenance.

Manual paper & spreadsheet based process was replaced by a solution seamlessly integrated to AMOS and Finnair’s Flight Operations system. Solution provides a real-time view to line maintenance production and allows duty managers to reallocate manpower dynamically during the shift as required.

* AMOS is a product of Swiss AviationSoftware Ltd

A350 delivery @ Finnair

Finnair, the flag carrier of Finland, is our long-term customer for systems integration & data services. Over the years we have successfully delivered over thirty projects involving development of complex systems integrations and data migration services.

In Finnair's A350 delivery project, we

  • designed and built a robust systems integration solution between AMOS and Rolls-Royce DACs system
  • provided a full-time consultant to manage complex data imports related to all A350 aircraft deliveries

* AMOS is a product of Swiss AviationSoftware Ltd

Defect reporting solution @ VR

Delivery to VR, the railway company in Finland, included design, implementation and support of a defect reporting solution for the rolling stock.

The solution is used during operations and maintenance by mechanics, supervisors, railroad engineers and train conductors. It is fully integrated to the maintenance IT system, allowing effective defect rectification process and feedback loop to data analytics.

Since its inception professionals at QOCO have worked in close collaboration with MRO customers in aviation and railway business.

We thrive to build new solutions with agile methodologies and the most suitable technology. We are also very active in Finland’s vibrant start-up scene and constantly scouting for innovative ideas.

QOCO is here to bring change to the status quo, as we are the new kid on the block.