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We are specialised in aviation technology and AMOS integrations, and proud to say our know-how in this area is best in the field. With a strong focus on the maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) side of the aviation industry, we have successfully delivered over thirty projects involving development of complex systems integrations and data migration services to our customers.

Each project is a top priority for us, and our goal is to deliver high-quality results on a quick schedule. Are you interested in learning more? Drop us a message at [email protected], and we’ll get back to you.

Customer Case: Cargo Eye

Cargo Eye is an IoT cargo tracking system which enables our customer, Finnair Cargo, to track the specific conditions, such as location, temperature, humidity, connection time, of their cargo transports throughout the whole transportation process.

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Cargo Eye enables rapid decision-making based on precise information, minimising the costs for damaged freight.

See Cargo Eye in action.

AMOS Integrations

We have strong expertise with AMOS MRO System (by Swiss AviationSoftware Ltd.). Over the years, we’ve successfully implemented AMOS integrations in more than 30 projects. Seamless data flow is crucial for all operations, and our goal is to diminish borders between complex systems.

Our smarter MRO solutions minimise the need for manual data processing and enable better analytics for improved operational efficiency. Systems integration & data services complement our solutions portfolio.

Contact us for more information

Markku Nyman
Markku NymanManaging Director
[email protected]
+358 40 762 4948
Ville Santaniemi
Ville SantaniemiSenior Partner
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QOCO Systems Ltd helps the aviation industry to succeed in the changing world by creating new ways to work, to communicate, and to utilise data. We have been a trusted partner of airlines, MROs, and aircraft OEMs for over ten years.

Our solutions provide significant improvements to the industry’s complex processes. They enable our customers to achieve more by doing less and to realise time-savings in labour-intensive tasks. We also bring visibility to customers’ operations to support decision-making based on real-time information.

Our offering includes the following SaaS solutions: MROTools.io for tool management in aircraft maintenance and EngineData.io for intelligent integrations between different operators in the aviation industry. We also provide a wide range of consulting services for our customers’ unique needs in the areas of digitalisation, process improvement, data analytics, and more.

All this is realised by our team of professionals with expertise in aviation and software development, with a customer-centric approach in everything we do. Agility is built-in to our way of working, and we always aim to fulfil the customer’s real needs, quickly. On top of this, we are committed to a high level of quality and information security, which is supported by ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 compliant management system certification .

Management & Board

Lauri Jämsén
Lauri JämsénCFO, Board Member
Arttu Kataja
Arttu KatajaBoard Member
Ilari Neitola
Ilari NeitolaCTO, Chair of the Board
Markku Nyman
Markku NymanManaging Director
Ville Santaniemi
Ville SantaniemiSenior Partner, Board Member


Interested in aviation, but more of a programmer than a pilot? So are we!

QOCO is a rapidly growing software company specialised in the aviation industry, and we’re constantly looking for new members to join our crew. We thrive on building new solutions with agile methodologies and the most suitable technology. We offer exciting possibilities where you get to work globally with airlines, aircraft OEMs and aircraft maintenance & repair operators (MRO). Flexible working hours, awesome colleagues and your choice of equipment come with the package, of course. We value constant learning and hope you do too.

If this sounds like it could be a match drop us a message telling us a bit about yourself and let’s talk.

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