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QOCO Systems enables operational excellence and efficiency in the aviation industry with disruptive SaaS solutions: for streamlined tool management in aircraft maintenance. for intelligent data exchange between the collaborating parties in the aviation industry.

Discover our solutions

Discover Our Solutions

QOCO Systems Ltd helps the aviation industry to succeed in the changing world by creating new ways to work, to communicate, and to utilise data. We have been a trusted partner of airlines, MROs, and aircraft OEMs for over thirteen years.

About Us

QOCO is a team of professionals with expertise in aviation and software development. Agility is built into our way of working. We always aim to fulfil the customer’s needs quickly. We follow a customer-centric approach and make it easy for our clients to succeed. On top of this, we are committed to a high level of quality and information security, which is supported by ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 compliant management system certification.


"I’d say one of the best aspects of our partnership has been the quality of their work. When we started to build the platform for our mobile solution, QOCO was responsible for designing the API interface so that our backend systems could communicate with mobile applications. They performed very well with the task."

Mika Siitari. Head of Agile at Finnair

Richard Swallow

"We are delighted to be able to offer our customers a practical solution to data collaboration. gives airlines complete control over the data they choose to automatically share with and receive from us. And they have confidence that the data transfer is fully secure. It’s very effective, reducing the effort required by our customers to operate some services by over 50%."

Richard Swallow. Head of Service Readiness, Digital

Joni Janatuinen

"Our expectations were quite high because we knew of QOCO’s expertise in the aviation industry and information systems associated with it. They ended up meeting our expectations extremely well. QOCO delivered just what we ordered."

Joni Janatuinen. Project Engineer for Finnair

Kevin Kyro

"“The features, functionality and simplicity of the platform, combined with the strong commitment to customer satisfaction really stood out. It provides a great user experience, and our technicians are excited to start using the system because it is so easy and intuitive. We expect to see a significant reduction in lost tools going forward."

Kevin Kyro. Managing Director, Tech Ops Support Service

QOCO & Rolls-Royce

Richard Swallow, Head of Service Readiness, Digital at Rolls-Royce shares about cooperation with QOCO Systems


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QOCO is a rapidly growing software company specialised in the aviation industry, and we’re constantly looking for new members to join our crew. We offer exciting possibilities where you get to work globally with airlines, aircraft OEMs and aircraft maintenance & repair operators (MRO).

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