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Reduce workload - maximise efficiency

Assignment enables automatic allocation of work packages, staff planning, and manhours from one interface. Work packages are updated from the current M&E system automatically and then allocated based on the requirements and actual availability. This minimises inefficient planning and overlapping shifts.

Move from planning to reviewing

What makes Assignment unique and groundbreaking is the ability to oversee all of your maintenance operations and to react to fast changes immediately with the help of automation. With Assignment you save hundreds of hours every month due to delays and manual staff planning

Solve delays &
incomplete allocations

When a flight is delayed, diverted or canceled, Assignment alerts and shows you the work package that needs attention. You can easily make the required changes and minimise your AOG.

Tackle resource shortage with technology,
not staffing

Instead of manual, time-consuming and inefficient resource allocation. Assignment leverages technology to ensure that your technical staff is utilised fully before recruiting new staff.

Bring automation to
your fingertips

With our intelligent planning wizard, the work moves from planning to reviewing, from reactive to proactive.

Future-proof your business today with Assignment

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Why it is important

With the current increase in carrier delays globally and the upcoming personnel resources shortage in the upcoming 10 years, Assignment provides an easy solution both to utilize staff planning and preparing for digital shifts in the industry

Why is it important?

Our platform helps your operations efficiently plan their staff and prepare for the digital shift in the industry. With Assignment, you can stay ahead of the curve and ensure smooth operations during these challenging times.

A delayed arriving flight or sick leave currently cause ripple effects within maintenance operations planning
QOCO hangar
A small change in one place needs updating in several systems and is handled manually and the tasks are repetitive
Organisations use up to 30 hours per day in total resource for planning maintenance
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Current Process

Faster turnaround times are necessary for every airline in order to stay competitive constant and ongoing manual rescheduling is a massive cost driver. Many companies still uses Excel, some pen and paper, while others utilize software with significant gaps. Assignment solves all these problems in one user friendly interface

Assignment helps with
short and long term planning
(48 hours - 3 weeks)

Short Term
incl. insights on a shift level
(24 - 48 hours)

Day of execution
Realtime insights on
a work package level
The assignment of work tasks can be executed automatically based on your business rules and requirements giving you an advantage that increases your bottom line.
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