Aviadex.io is a Data Exchange and Integration Service for all aviation industry operators. Built and operated based on years of system integration and data exchange expertise within aerospace industry, it enables intelligent data exchange between the collaborating parties in the aviation industry.

How Aviadex.io is changing the industry

The old way of exchanging data

Most collaborators in the aviation industry still share data manually or by point-to-point integrations, causing complexity, delays, manual data entry work and human errors.


Aviadex.io data exchange ecosystem

Aviadex.io streamlines data exchange, allowing collaborators to integrate once and choose which data is shared, and to whom. It eliminates manual data entry work and complexity for users.

exchange ecosystem

What really drew us very strongly to QOCO is the people, credibility, domain expertise and experience that QOCO brought working directly with airlines within the maintenance management systems coupled with that technical ability to connect and make sure that data flows well.


Nick Ward — VP Digital Systems, Civil Aerospace at Rolls-Royce

Our solutions


Aviadex.io for OEMs

An automated and regular data flow from the airline's systems to the OEM's back end enables the OEM to maintain an accurate and up-to-date digital model of all its assets. The information then feed into demand and maintenance forecasting, R&D, and operational safety. Access to airline data also allows the OEM to serve their airline customers through greatly improved value-adding digital services.

Learn how Rolls-Royce utilizes the solution for bi-directional data exchange with their airline customers ➜

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Data transformation

Aviadex.io for engine MROs and lessors

Access to the real-time status of all engines under maintenance or lease agreements vastly improves demand forecasting and maintenance planning, allowing for reduced overhaul turn-around-times and maximization of asset utilization. The required airline data is accessible to the MROs or lessors through Aviadex.io.

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Aviadex.io for airframe MROs

Aviadex.io integrates to the MRO’s and its airline customers’ M&E systems. This enables transfer of the full work package from airline to MRO at the click-of-a-button, as well as real-time delivery of work completion records and defect reports back to the operator during the maintenance operation. The electronic work package import not only reduces manual data entry work, but enables linking the data to processes such as resource and material planning.

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Aviadex.io for airlines and digital solution providers

Aviadex.io enables the airline to link its M&E system with other internal or external systems, opening the door to a variety of process improvements, such as eLogbook integration and APU counter automation from ACARS data. Aviadex.io also facilitates the collaboration between airlines and digital solution providers by linking 3rd party systems to the airline’s data.

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Case Studies

Case Study: Getting the best from new engines at Condor

Nicolas Schneider, AMOS Administrator at Condor, and Dr. Almut Von Schneidemesser, Senior Manager for Aircraft Communications IT at Condor, share how Condor utilized QOCO's solutions to optimize the ...


October 12, 2023

Case Study: Enabling continuous data exchange between Lufthansa and Rolls-Royce Digital Services

Lena Duken, Airworthiness Engineer at Deutsche Lufthansa AG and Jeff Winter, Senior Consultant at Lufthansa Industry Solutions AS GmbH, tell us about a double implementation to ensure optimum time on ...


January 13, 2023

Case study: increasing engine on wing time at Neos Air

This case study will look at how Rolls-Royce’s revolutionary new approach to aircraft engine product lifecycle management (PLM) is working in practice. Rolls-Royce’s Blue Data Thread digitalization ...


July 07, 2022

Why Aviadex.io

Aviadex.io facilitates seamless data flow through advanced processing and monitoring capabilities that guarantee compatibility between integrated systems and validates the data quality.


Aviadex.io is built on decades of experience in the airline data domain, enabling us to provide a plug-and-play experience that other data exchange providers can not


Our ISO9001 and ISO27001 certified processes and products ensure that our customers receive the best quality of service


Aviadex.io supports industry standards and has ready-made system connectors to all major M&E systems, making it easy for our clients to collaborate and share data


Aviadex.io is highly scalable, allowing organizations to add new data sources easily, which enables businesses to respond to changes in their data needs proactively

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