We are delighted to announce a new partnership between QOCO Systems Ltd and SITA to facilitate secure exchange and management of aircraft data between airlines, original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and other industry players.  

QOCO's EngineData.io and SITA’s e-Aircraft® DataHub will provide the fully integrated solution for advanced aircraft data management. EngineData.io SaaS solution enables secure, automated bidirectional data streams between the airlines and their collaborative partner's systems. SITA’s e-Aircraft® DataHub cloud-based data-brokering and transformation platform collects, classifies, decodes, stores, and distributes aircraft and engines data. The partnership will open the full range of EngineData.io capabilities to all SITA’s e-Aircraft® DataHub customers.

QOCO and SITA's joint efforts in improving aircraft data management will empower aviation industry leaders to make aircraft and aircraft engines more efficient through complete data control and data-driven insights.

We are incredibly proud to be partnering with one of the iconic companies of aviation. SITA has been the backbone of aviation communication since 1949 and understands very well the value of accurate DATA communication. QOCO is delighted to be offering our enginedata.io application within the SITA e-Aircraft® DataHub application, given the most detailed and precise information DATA exchange for the SITA community. Having clear, actionable and concise DATA to make accurate and compelling operational decisions, with the actual produced asset DATA, is a game-changer in superior operating performance, and cost of operations.

- Andy Graham, Chief Commercial Officer and Partner at QOCO Systems Ltd.

About QOCO

QOCO Systems, a trusted partner of airlines, MROs, and aircraft OEMs for over 12 years, helps the aviation industry to succeed in the changing world by creating new ways to work, to communicate, and to utilize data. EngineData.io is a SaaS solution that enables secure, automated data streams between the main collaborative players in the aviation industry. 

About SITA 

SITA is the air transport industry's IT provider, delivering solutions for airlines, airports, aircraft and governments. Our technology powers more seamless, safe and sustainable air travel. With around 2,500 customers, SITA’s solutions drive operational efficiencies at more than 1,000 airports while delivering the promise of the connected aircraft to customers of 18,000 aircraft globally. Our communications network connects every corner of the globe and bridges 60% of the air transport community’s data exchange.

About e-Aircraft® DataHub

e-Aircraft® DataHub is an industry-neutral, cloud-based data-brokering and transformation platform that provides timely and actionable insights from aircraft and part performance data. It works by collecting an aircraft operator or airline’s authorized raw data, then expertly classifies, decodes, stores and distributes appropriate structured data sets to aircraft operator or airline specified digital service partners.

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