Regional Jet Center (a subsidiary of KLM Group) chose QOCO Systems Ltd as a strategic partner to digitalise and optimise their tool management with

We are excited to announce that RJC has partnered with QOCO Systems and will use, the most advanced and dynamic tooling management software on the market. will offer RJC the granular visibility and control required to digitise and decentralize its tooling operational environment further. With full connectivity to the RJC AMOS M&E System, QOCO has proven the added value and power to digitalise further one of the last untouched aspects of the modernising engineering environment.

"We are thrilled that RJC has selected QOCO to enhance its competitive advantage further. With, RJC has total visibility and control of the tooling operation from engineering allocation, collaboration, defectivity reports and compliance control. A compelling moment was QOCO had to prove that would add value to the RJC bottom line and improve its current process and cost. RJC was delighted with the DATA we could produce from our current customers and showed that all the “value add” metrics existed in QOCO is exceptionally proud to support one of the world's most advanced digital MROs with our tooling application." says Andy Graham, Chief Commercial Office & Partner at QOCO

"We are excited about  realizing the possibilities that offers us. With we are going to move beyond our current “classic” centralized tool management set-up to a much more flexible, decentralized but still well-controlled set-up that allows us to bring tooling closer to the actual point of use at the time it is actually needed, eliminating waste in our current set-up. Combined with the new functionality offered on mobile devices for our maintenance staff by this will help RJC another step along the road to becoming the most efficient “digitized” MRO. We look forward to our cooperation with QOCO and expect that together we will be able to expand and improve the future functionality of to further improve our maintenance processes." says Remon Sweers, Business Innovation Manager at Regional Jet Center

About RJC

Regional Jet Center is a leading MRO for line maintenance on the Embraer 170 and 190 series. They work in close cooperation with Embraer and suppliers to meet the customers’ requirements. RJC has a staff of 260 trained professionals who are strongly committed to achieve the highest fleet availability in the world. RJC has multiple on-site workshops supporting the maintenance activities and holds an ISO 14001 certification for its environmental management system.

About QOCO

QOCO Systems, a trusted partner of leading airlines, MROs, and aircraft OEMs for over 12 years, helps the aviation industry to succeed in the changing world by creating new ways to work, to communicate, and to utilize data. We enable operational excellence and efficiency in the aviation industry with disruptive SaaS solutions. QOCO is committed to a high level of quality and information security, which is supported by ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 compliant management system certification.

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