We are excited to announce that Endeavor Air has joined forces with QOCO Systems and selected MROTools.io, an industry-leading tool management software. MROTools.io will empower Endeavor Air’s maintenance team and unlock an unprecedented level of control and transparency for Endeavor Air’s maintenance operations. The ground breaking technology will enable seamless digital transformation for success in today's competitive market!

“We are incredibly proud to have partnered with Endeavor Air to introduce today's most dynamic and advanced tool management system. With complete digitalization and automation, Endeavor Air can now manage its tooling with accuracy and complete compliance whilst having complete visibility on stock, asset management, repair and tool execution efficiency. With the agility of mrotools.io, we have been able to offer “standalone” & “Integrated to M&E system” versions of MROTools.io to Endeavor Air. QOCO is proud to be associated with one of the world's leading airline groups!”  

Andy Graham, Chief Commercial Officer & Partner at QOCO


“The features, functionality and simplicity of the MROTools.io platform, combined with the strong commitment to customer satisfaction demonstrated by the QOCO Systems team, really stood out. It provides a great user experience, and our technicians are excited to start using the system because it is so easy and intuitive. The application will greatly improve internal tracking of our tools transactions and we expect to see a significant reduction in lost tools going forward."

Kevin Kyro, Managing Director, Tech Ops Support Services, Endeavor Air

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