The aviation industry has been male-dominated for too long. Although the number of female pilots has increased in recent years, they still only make up around 6% of all pilots globally. And when it comes to other aviation roles, such as air traffic control or aircraft maintenance, the number of women in these positions is even lower. This needs to change. In order to attract more women (and other underrepresented groups) into aviation, we need to address the root causes of the problem.  

The Gender Pay Gap

One of the main reasons why women are put off from working in aviation is the gender pay gap. Studies have shown that women working in the aviation industry earn on average 21% less than their male colleagues. This discrimination needs to be addressed head-on if we want to improve gender balance in aviation.  

Organizations such as Women in Aviation International (WAI) are working hard to close the gender pay gap in aviation. WAI offers scholarships and grants to help women pursue careers in this male-dominated industry. They also lobby companies and government organizations to promote gender equality within aviation. But there's still a long way to go.  

The "Old Boys' Club" Mentality

Another reason why there's a lack of diversity in aviation is the "old boys' club" mentality that exists within the industry. For too long, aviation has been seen as a man's job. This mindset needs to change if we're going to attract more women (and other underrepresented groups) into aviation.  

One way to combat this mentality is by changing the way we market Aviation jobs to women and other underrepresented groups. Currently, most Aviation roles are marketed towards men with traditional "male" qualities, such as being mechanically minded or good with numbers. This needs to change. We need to show that Aviation is for everyone, regardless of their gender or background.  

Improving Diversity and Inclusion Across the Board

Ultimately, if we want to encourage more diversity in aviation, we need to improve diversity and inclusion across the board. This means improving representation at all levels, from entry-level positions right up to senior management positions. It also means creating an inclusive culture where everyone feels welcome, respected, and valued.  

The bottom line is this: If we want to see more women (and other underrepresented groups) working in aviation, we need to take proactive steps to address the root causes of the problem. This includes tackling the gender pay gap head-on and changing the way we market Aviation jobs to female candidates. It also means creating a more diverse and inclusive culture within aviation that values everyone equally, regardless of their gender or background. Only then will we start to see real progress being made on these issues.

At QOCO, as an aviation industry representative, we intensely focus on improving diversity. Our team is represented by 11 nationalities, with talented women in almost all departments in leading roles. Our hiring team’s key priority is to find the right person for the job who have the correct motivation and drive to be successful in the job.

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