Women in today's society display immense strength and potential in various fields, yet they also face some challenges. Achieving true gender equality demands more assistance and support. In April of this year, the leadership team at QOCO approved the proposal to establish the QOCO Women's Group, and they have extended their full support to the group's related activities. From the first kick-off meeting to the present day, the group has successfully organized seven different types of online and offline events. When women come together and work towards a common goal, great things can happen. It is a crucial step towards realizing a future where women have a more significant role to play. 
The QOCO Women's Group is a platform exclusively for women working at QOCO, where they can share their experiences, concerns, and successes. The group provides a safe and reliable platform for the members to speak out and be heard. The events organized by the group have diverse themes, ranging from business topics, afternoon tea to lunch, morning meditation, and more. During these events, members can discuss and share their insights in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere, learning and progressing together. The group's activities are aimed at helping the members in their personal and career development, contributing to their overall growth and success. 
In QOCO Women's Group, every woman is unique and important. They come from different countries and cities with different backgrounds, cultures, and experiences. Each gathering event is an opportunity for women to express themselves, and this diversity makes the group's communication more profound, with each member drawing strength and inspiration from each other's differences. 

Here are some quotes from members of the QOCO women’s group.

“At QOCO, the current gender distribution stands at approximately 20% women and 80% men, which still today is a very typical ratio for an IT company. Most of us women are also spread across different teams in our daily work. Therefore, I’ve found it really great to get together once in a while to catch up and do some fun activities together with the QOCO Women’s group! There is a lot that we can learn from each other’s backgrounds and experiences. I believe that with initiatives such as the QOCO Women’s group, we can make everyone feel like they are recognized and truly valued members of the community just as they are.” - Noora Tauriainen, Solution Analyst at QOCO.
“This initiative to have our own Women’s Group at QOCO has been a great experience. I really enjoy our discussions as we can learn a lot from each other through our truly diverse backgrounds and experiences in life. Our meetings are also contributing to all of its member’s job satisfaction and general well-being. I would recommend anyone to form a group like ours (not just women!) and have suggested to the rest of the QOCO crew to follow suit.” - Heli Kivisoja, Head of Customer Onboarding at QOCO.

When people talk about women, it's important to recognize them not just as girlfriends, wives, mothers, and daughters but also as strong, determined individuals who are crucial to driving society forward. Women can display a gentle and caring side while also demonstrating courageous persistence and decisive decision-making. Moving forward, QOCO will continue to support the QOCO Women's Group, encourage them to speak out, witness their growth, and work towards creating a more equal and inclusive society. 

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