Aug 2023

Embracing ATA standards in data exchange

Air Transport Association (ATA) standards have massive potential to help us revolutionize the way the industry manages and shares data. These standards will be a key factor in streamlining maintenance processes and improving data exchange between collaborators such as airlines, MROs and OEMs.
Jan 2023

Data Exchange of digital records - The OEM perspective

Recently heard a metaphor in which data exchange was compared to water irrigation. Imagine modern aircraft and engines accumulating vast amounts of data from sensors and asset management processes. Most of that data then remains confined in the operator’s systems, as water in a reservoir.
Oct 2022

Digital Thread maturity in aircraft operations The OEM perspective

Digital Twin technology has come a long way since then, it is still one of the most promising development areas with the potential for creating value in the aviation industry. Today, Digital Twins seek to maintain the digital replica of an asset or system throughout its lifecycle requiring continuous data feeds. That’s where the Digital Thread comes in.
Jul 2022

Automating data flows between airlines, MROs and OEMs. Example: Engine overhaul

Realizing paperless maintenance and operations has been the target of airlines, MROs and OEMs in recent decades. With the increased adoption of electronic technical logbooks and digital solutions in maintenance, a growing number of airlines are getting close to going 100% paperless in their internal operations. However, that development is less well advanced when it comes to external communication. Data sharing is essential for efficient collaboration in the industry.