Nov 2022

How can we attract better gender balance and improve diversity in aviation?

The aviation industry has been male-dominated for too long. Although the number of female pilots has increased in recent years, they still only make up around 6% of all pilots globally. And when it comes to other aviation roles, such as air traffic control or aircraft maintenance, the number of women in these positions is even lower. This needs to change.
Oct 2022

Disruptive Innovations In The Aviation Industry

Nowadays, technology is advancing more quickly than ever, and virtually every industry on the planet has been forced to adapt. Sometimes, a new piece of technology will integrate itself seamlessly into a pre-existing system, causing little inconvenience. Other times, an industry will have to wrap itself around this new innovation in order to accommodate it. These are known as disruptive innovations, and the aviation industry has been subject to several of them in the recent past.
Sep 2022

How to motivate your team to adopt new technology in the aviation maintenance industry

Disruptive technologies affect operations in all industries, and aviation maintenance is no exception. Moreover, aviation maintenance technologies are transforming the industry quickly and at a large scale. Though aviation maintenance is highly human-dependent and often requires personalized touch, a need for higher efficiency, safety, and reduced costs opened a window of opportunity for innovations.
Jul 2022

How To Build A Positive Company Culture

QOCO is a fast-growing company that puts the needs of its employees first. Creating a positive workspace often leads to greater levels of success within a company, and QOCO is no exception to this.