COVID-19 pandemic hit the aviation industry hard. Though for many airlines recovery plans are a key priority, innovations and technologies are still on the agenda. QOCO Systems team is constantly keeping a finger on the pulse of the aviation industry. We picked a list of innovations introduced or developed further by airlines during the COVID-19 era. 

1. Delta Airlines is improving customer experience with an augmented reality Delta Cloud Crew app. The goal is to keep kids or adults entertained during the flight with an experience of sailing through the clouds on the virtual airplane with scenery from the real-life camera. The digital game allows users to collect miles and bonuses, however, it is unfortunately not possible to redeem them in a traditional way – the goal is to gain higher points in virtual space. 

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2. Another innovation is also by Delta Airlines – the largest engine test cell, 48 feet tall with 150,000-pound thrust capacity. Delta is using it to test a different assortment of engines. According to Delta’s CEO Ed Bastian, this is truly a state of the art that will advance airlines into the future!

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3. AirAsia is no doubt a frontrunner in the innovation field. We have spotted at least two noteworthy implementations in the middle of the pandemic. The first one ASEAN Super app is aiming to transform AirAsia from traditional airlines into a digital platform. Customers can travel, experience, order food, get rewards – all in one app. 

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4. The other AirAsia app has been designed specifically for pandemic times. Sky2Fly was made in partnership with GrayMatter to check passengers’ eligibility to fly, as well as make their experience easier, seamless, and contactless. Approved COVID-19 negative certificates can be uploaded during the self-check-in process.

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5. Although the idea of the Super app is not new, it is astonishing to see that newly established airline already put this experience at the core of their business model. Breeze Airways, a USA low-cost carrier,  is just about to take off in the upcoming months and is aiming to build an airline technology hub that can compete with Uber and Amazon. The use of the latest technology and determination to deal directly with the clients is very central to their business model. Breeze Airways has an idea of building a Super app that can do whatever customers want and need – flight bookings & rescheduling, cancellations, hotel arrangements and so much more! 

According to the latest news, Breeze Airways has received government approval. Stay tuned for the soonest launch: Breeze Airways website.

6. Another impressive example of genuine care about customers is by British Airways. They recently introduced trials of fully autonomous cutting-edge wheelchairs in the JFK airport to help customers freely navigate around the premises. Additional support is required by nearly half a million British Airways passengers yearly and this solution will ensure a seamless and contactless travel experience. Great and inclusive initiative!

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Autonomous mobility devices by British Airways







7. The smart contactless journey has been introduced by Emirates in Dubai International Airport.  There are 32 self-service bag drop machines and 16 check-in kiosks that can be controlled by passengers’ own mobile phones without touching the screens. At the kiosks, customers can check-in, receive their boarding pass, choose seats, and drop off their bags. 

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Experiencing and seeing all these exciting innovations despite all difficulties of the past couple of years is a good indicator of how strong the industry is. Airlines are not only going through the pandemic crisis but accomplishing ambitious digital transformation goals, trying to make passengers’ experience better and safer. For sure, some innovations that were forced by the pandemic will stay with us when the situation gets back to normal. Do you have something to share or add to this list? Reach out to us!


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