This summer QOCO crew achieved one of the company’s truly major milestones. On June 30th, QOCO Systems passed the ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certification audit.

ISO 9001 ensures that organizations can deliver consistent quality of products and services to the customers and, moreover, increase customer satisfaction.

ISO 27001 indicates requirements for establishing and maintaining an effective information security management system in the organization.

Developing a Quality and Information Security Management System, or QOCO Management System as the team started calling it during the project, was a major requirement set by ISO to obtain the certification. The standards’ specifications include:

  • Organizational goals and aspirations
  • Policies
  • Processes
  • Documented information
  • Controls based on risk assessment
  • Resources for implementation and maintenance

This initiative helped QOCO to formalize existing processes, develop necessary documentation, improve information security guidelines and in essence, build a management system from the ground up.

As a company that provides high-quality digital services for the aviation industry, the entire QOCO crew is fully committed to the implementation and maintenance of the QMS. We keep our promises made for customers, deliver our services on-time and stay on budget in customer project deliveries. We are committed to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations and all other applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

“This has been a huge effort from everyone at QOCO and I’m extremely proud of our crew. The reception for the new processes and policies has been overwhelmingly positive despite the unavoidable hurdles along the way and people have been extremely helpful, cooperative and open-minded.
And now that we have the system set up, we need to make sure the processes and policies serve us, our teams, and our way of working also in the long run. The ultimate goal is that the QOCO Management System offers us a format to continuously improve and keep serving our customers better and better.”

-Laura Auhto, QMS Project Manager

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