Noora Tauriainen is an expert in her field and has been working at QOCO for six months as a Solution Analyst. She was eager to share what it's like being a part of our crew, so we asked her how things are going!

How would you summarize what you do?

I am working as part of Continuous Services Team. is a SaaS solution, that provides a data exchange platform for the different players in the aviation industry, including airlines, MRO’s and OEM’s. We currently have a major commercial jet engine manufacturer Rolls-Royce onboarding their customer airlines to use our solution, and it is very exciting to be a part of this project.  

Our team is responsible for the continuous maintenance and support services. We monitor the data flows and react to the issues and alerts that are raised. The tasks include both independent problem-solving, but also a lot of communication with other teams and the customer. We also proactively participate in product development by communicating improvement ideas to the development team.  

What does your average day look like?  

An example of my typical day at work could be that I start the morning by checking if any urgent issues would require immediate attention. If there are any, I investigate the potential root cause and communicate my findings to my team. We agree on the actions to be taken and contact other teams or the customer as necessary. After solving any high-priority items, I would move on to maybe one or two meetings during the day, and work on some daily maintenance tasks, ticket handling, or updating documentation to name a few.  

What do you enjoy about working as a Solution Analyst?

I really like the mix of different kinds of tasks I get to work on in this role. In addition to the support work, I am involved in new customer go-lives and product development. Usually, my calendar is not fully booked with meetings, so I have a lot of focus time during the day and it helps to get things done on time, keep track of ongoing items, and be able to fully focus on some more complex problem-solving tasks. I find my work meaningful and enjoy the autonomy I have in this role while also having support from my colleagues available whenever needed.  

What is QOCO's company culture like?

I would say that we have a positive and encouraging atmosphere. QOCO is genuinely interested in employee wellbeing, reactive to feedback from teams. Communication in the company is very transparent and everyone is given a chance to express their opinions. Moreover, the office space is great, and we even have a nice gym there in the same building.    

Any tips would you like to share for someone that want to start their career as a solution analyst?  

To start your career as a Solution Analyst, you don’t necessarily need a background in software development. What you need is motivation and a proactive attitude toward problem-solving. Communication skills and attention to detail come in handy. Personally, I have my educational and professional background from the aviation industry - I have a master’s degree specializing in Aircraft Engineering and gained some work experience in different companies in the industry. Previous experience in the aviation industry is an advantage but being interested and willing to learn is also enough.  

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