Matti Nevala appointed as Board Member

On August 1st 2021, Matti Nevala joined the QOCO Systems as a Board Member. Matti brings a diverse background from multiple entrepreneurial roles in the fastest-growing scale-up companies. During his career, he has been a member of the founding teams and held C-level positions alongside developing businesses at the international level. His biggest ambition and interest are SaaS companies, such as QOCO Systems.

Matti has been keen on aviation all his life. “In my childhood, the most important hobby was radio-controlled planes and helicopters. I even worked in a hobby shop while studying”, says Matti. He continues, “QOCO is in a very exciting stage as a company and I have been impressed by the business performance even in challenging COVID-19 times. Now it is time to scale the company and I hope that my experience can help the team in conquering the world and digitalizing the aviation industry. I am very excited about the opportunities that QOCO currently has and keen on contributing to this success story with my skills and experience”

“We are thrilled to have Matti Nevala join QOCO’s Board of Directors. Matti’s experience and leadership skills in building thriving growth companies are exceptional assets to our Board. With Matti, we will have a new perspective on sales, marketing and growth company leadership that will help us steer QOCO into the next growth phase.” – Ville Santaniemi, Senior Partner

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