The Board of Directors of QOCO Systems is pleased to inform that Ilari Neitola, the company’s Founder and current Chief Technology Officer, has been appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer, effective immediately. Ilari has resigned from his role as a Chief Technology Officer and the Chairman of the Board. Current CFO and long-time Board member Lauri Jämsén has been elected as the new Chairman. 

Markku Nyman has decided to step down as Chief Executive Officer of QOCO Systems. Markku has served the Company since November 2018 and as CEO since August 2020.    

"QOCO has transformed from a high domain expertise consultancy driven business to a leading aerospace digitalisation SaaS provider with a wider international customer base and QOCO is now ready to enter its next growth period. I was trusted the huge responsibility to steer QOCO the position where the company is today and I am proud and humble to say that together, with all the amazing people I have been honored to work side by side, we did it!  QOCO's journey will continue from here and as hard as it is when you truly love something, it is now beneficial to whole community - every QOCO employee, customer and partner - that I hand the steering wheel to the next person. " says Markku Nyman.
“On behalf of the Board, I want to thank Markku for his outstanding service to QOCO and his commitment to our vision and strategy. He has made an immense contribution, during his more than four years leading QOCO to increased success.”   says Lauri Jämsén, Partner and Chairman of the Board.
“QOCO is currently entering into the next phase of its growth strategy. Markku has built a solid foundation to continue, and we are forever grateful to him for his contribution to writing the Company’s story thus far. Markku will continue as a shareholder of the Company, by which he remains passionately committed to the success of QOCO. Our growing number of new contracts and customer base serve as a good indicator of the success of the current strategy. Significant investments in sales & marketing, customer success, and product development have accelerated our market entry activities. As one notable outcome of these investments, we will soon launch our newest product to support the aerospace market and the challenges of data exchange internally and with external partners.” says Ilari Neitola.

For more information, kindly contact: 

Lauri Jämsén, Chairman of the Board

+358 50 598 8172    

Ilari Neitola, CEO  and Founder

+358 50 306 3318 

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