Laura Auhto-Savolainen - Business Consultant and QMS Lead
Meet Laura, Business Consultant and QMS Lead at QOCO. We have prepared a series of publications to highlight our international workforce. Laura joined QOCO in 2019 and her contribution to the company's success is countless. She is in charge of projects that are vital for QOCO's growth. Learn more about Laura, her role and projects in the interview!
Oct 15, 2021
What damages and risks to the aircraft can cause a little screwdriver tip forgotten in the engine?
Last year in October, one airline had a bad luck to experience that. Lesson learned the hard way – right after the engine started accelerating down the runway, the crew felt vibration and heard “popping” noises.
Aug 25, 2021
Why do innovations in the aviation industry fail?
Focus on innovations is a fundamental requirement for companies to survive in the modern fast-paced world. The aviation industry is not left out of this race and has to keep up. We analyzed what can go wrong and disturb the smooth implementation of innovative solutions in the aviation industry.
Jun 8, 2021
Improving aviation maintenance worldwide. Success cases from Lufthansa, EL AL, Air France & KLM
To stay up-to-date with the trends, QOCO Systems is constantly monitoring aviation industry news. In the following blog post, we are presenting successful cases by leading airlines that help to significantly improve aviation maintenance.
May 24, 2021
Top 7 innovations by airlines in 2020-2021
COVID-19 pandemic hit the aviation industry hard. Though for many airlines recovery plans are a key priority, innovations and technologies are still on the agenda. QOCO Systems team is constantly keeping a finger on the pulse of the aviation industry. We picked a list of innovations introduced or developed further by airlines during the COVID-19 era.
May 18, 2021
How airlines can tackle the complexity of MRO software integrations
Back in 1903, the Wright brothers hired Charles Taylor to build the first aircraft engine. No doubt, Charlie was a genius inventor and managed to construct it without any instructions or manuals to follow. Completely self-taught, he is a founding father of aviation maintenance and the first-ever technician.
Apr 28, 2021