Jul 2022

Digital Nomad at QOCO - Ekaterina has spent a month living and working in a small Greek village nearby Kalamata

This May, Ekaterina Zhegalina, our Marketing Manager, has spent a month in sunny and warm Agios Nikolaos, a quiet village in West Mani Municipality, is located 50 kilometers southeast of Kalamata. We asked her to share some tips with anyone who is planning a similar experience.
Jul 2022

Case study: increasing engine on wing time at Neos Air

Ivan Albini, CAMO Postholder at Neos Air and Ville Santaniemi, Senior Partner at QOCO Systems share the digital engine management system that keeps Neos’s aircraft flying for longer.
Mar 2022

The low hanging fruits in maintenance data management

Henrik Ollus asks why is it that, while the amount of data generated and recorded in aircraft operations has skyrocketed in the last few decades, the promised business benefits from the data have been slow to materialize.
Mar 2022

Olabisi Odusanya - Breaking the Bias

Olabisi Odusanya, Data Engineer at QOCO is originally from Nigeria. Olabisi has lived in Nigeria and Malta before moving to Finland in the summer of 2017. At first, pure curiosity brought her to the IT industry as she used to think that coding was hard and unachievable, so Olabisi wanted to try it out to see how far she could push herself in this area. As both IT and aviation are highly male-dominated industries, Olabisi has diverse experience in breaking stereotypes.