Finnair’s collaboration with QOCO Systems started with one fairly small project. After Finnair saw that QOCO knows what they are doing, they were given a task to partake in a major transformation project. The goal was to develop a new kind of mobile solution for Finnair. 

Mika Siitari works as the Head of Agile for Finnair. He has seen first-hand what it’s like to work with QOCO. 

– I’d say one of the best aspects of our partnership has been the quality of their work. When we started to build the platform for our mobile solution, QOCO was responsible for designing the API interface so that our backend systems could communicate with mobile applications. They performed very well with the task, Siitari praises. 

Effortless collaboration with QOCO team 

Siitari says that QOCO is at its best when it is given a chance to work with airlines’ ERP integrations. 

– That’s when they are able to innovate and really put their skills to use. QOCO can offer new kinds of solutions for software development. 

In addition to the valuable skills, it has been easy to work with QOCO on a personal level as well. 

– They are talented in their way to approach the client and their people know how to talk about technical details. They also work very well as a part of a larger team, Siitari explains. 

More than a traditional business collaboration 

Owing to the positive experiences, it’s easy to recommend QOCO’s services to other businesses as well. 

– We have a very close relationship with them. I wouldn’t even describe it as a traditional buyer-supplier type of partnership. Rather, QOCO is a part of our team and they are there to get things done together, Siitari says. 

– I would recommend them. It doesn’t matter whether the client is a startup or an enterprise. It’s easy to look at the big picture dynamically with them and then start taking things further. Their expertise is on a level that allows it, he concludes.

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