With over ten years of experience and more than 50 projects related to various MRO software systems, our consulting team supports aviation industry leaders in developing complex systems integrations and data migration services. We deliver our projects fully complying with the highest standards of our clients. Our consulting portfolio is diverse.


M&E system external integrations

QOCO has worked with 20+ airlines to enable bi-directional data flow between the operators' M&E system and external partners. The key success factors for these projects are QOCO's deep knowledge of airline MRO operations and different M&E systems.


Paperless solutions

QOCO has successfully delivered 30+ operations automation solutions for airlines. Projects include integration of existing solutions, data model layers and reports, and fully integrated applications for operations management, logistics, resource planning, LEAN maintenance, and analytics.


Cabin works

A solution that revolutionizes reporting of aircraft cabin defects using machine learning, speech recognition, and smart camera tools. It allows cabin crew to easily generate precise and error-free reports on minor aircraft defects, saving turnaround time.


Cargo Eye

An IoT cargo tracking system enables cargo airlines to monitor conditions of the aircraft, such as location, temperature, humidity, connection time throughout the transportation process.

Our consulting team is constantly present on the market, which ensures up-to-date knowledge of the industry. We believe that seamless data flow is crucial for all airlines operations. Our goal is to remove borders between complex systems.

Ville Santaniemi

Senior Partner, Board Member

Henrik Ollus

Business Consultant