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QOCO's most valuable assets are our people. Their dedication, professionalism, willingness to go extra mile to achieve goals is what makes QOCO successful. We have prepared a series of publications to highlight our international workforce. Read Olabisi's story!

Olabisi Odusanya, Data Engineer at QOCO is originally from Nigeria. Olabisi has lived in Nigeria and Malta before moving to Finland in the summer of 2017. At first, pure curiosity brought her to the IT industry as she used to think that coding was hard and unachievable, so Olabisi wanted to try it out to see how far she could push herself in this area. As both IT and aviation are highly male-dominated industries, Olabisi has diverse experience in breaking stereotypes. 

Why do you think it's important for more women to join the tech & aviation industry?

As gender inequality remains a major issue in the corporate world, especially in the tech/aviation industry that is mostly male dominated, it is essential to have more women to balance this out. Although, the underrepresentation of women is comparatively low to 10-20 years back, still, there are many adjustments to be made before gender equality is reached at the core of the industry. There is also a constant shortage of talents in the tech industry, judging by the large number of job listings, daily. Having more women in this area can diminish this challenge and ensure that there is an adequate supply of talented workers.

What advice would you give yourself just starting out? 

Trying out any new thing, whatever it is, may seem intimidating at first. It is very easy to allow “not-good-enough-ism” take control of you completely if you start comparing yourself to others. However, each person’s journey is different and you should only strive to be better than you were the previous day. A baby who walked at 9 months is not better than the one who walked at 18 months, the only difference is that one took more time than the other. It’s okay to forget the best algorithm to solve a problem with or even forget some of the functions of an array, the right thing to do is to go over everything again and fill in the steps that you missed. If need be, ask for help if you’ve exhausted after you must have tried things out yourself and surround yourself with food mentors that will nudge you in the right direction. As with everything, the more you do something, the better you get at it.

Do you think enough is done to help women get into the tech & aviation industry?

The chances of women filling positions in the tech/aviation industry is better than before but still needs improvement. Intimidation is also a big reason why many women  shy away from this position. Personally, I think people are more inclined to move to places where they are well represented. Having more female role models in the tech/aviation industry will definitely make those willing to join to be more confident that they also can, if there are good representations of them. Also, there are many learning platforms that are being utilised and a good number of women have enrolled in coding bootcamps as well. All these mediums definitely help and jeer everyone, not only women in the right career path. 

Do you get any support from QOCO in growing as a professional in tech & aviation? 

In QOCO, constant improvements are being made to help people grow professionally through one-to-one mentoring and feedback sessions. There is a collective can-do attitude and most things are achieved as a team. Each person’s opinion is heard and taken into consideration without bias, and additionally, coworkers from different functions are readily available to help, if need be.

Olabisi Odusanya

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