QOCO is proud to announce that David Seibel has joined our team as an Advisory Board Member. He brings decades of operational experience from the commercial environment, managing companies across various industries including tech and financial services. After retiring from the military Dave held various management positions including CEO of Synerlogic, a consulting firm, then CEO and a Managing Partner at Accenture Canada. Dave retired from Accenture in 2003 due to personal issues. During his retirement Dave served on several Boards, both non-profit and for profit before returning to lead the turnaround at Mxi Technologies as Chairman, CEO and President in 2010.

Nowadays you will find Dave investing in or assisting start-ups in Canada when he is not driving his Porsche at Calabogie Motorsports (as an owner), golfing or spending time with his family.

“New technologies are playing an important role in the aviation industry. Airlines have been able to utilize this for their clients, but there is still more that can be done by applying disruptive solutions to the other areas such as maintenance and engineering. The use of intelligent software can help airlines improve productivity and safety. This can be done through advanced software solutions as offered by QOCO.” - says David.

David, a tenured business operator with years of experience in the industry will coach and mentor to QOCO's Executive team. His knowledge regarding sales programs management and marketplace opportunities will help QOCO to achieve our ambitious goals and accelerate company growth.

"It’s a privilege and honour that QOCO can attract the calibre of talent and exceptional experience that Dave Seibel will bring to our company. Guiding our Leadership Team and Executive Board with his vast commercial and operational experience comes from many different industries, not just Aerospace. Dave's feedback has already taken our operational consideration in a new strategic direction. With Dave's vast experience in M&A and managing profitable companies, we at QOCO feel sure we have one of the industry's brightest minds helping guide us through the exceptional growth period QOCO is currently enjoying. From an early stage, Dave expressed an interest in hearing how he could contribute towards QOCO." - Andy Graham, Chief Commercial Officer and Partner at QOCO.

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